The best electronic cigarette.Unique design and innovative mechanism forvaporization.
Available in deluxe packaging that includes:

2x whole cigarettes eGo-T 
5x cartidges (to fill it again and again with fluid replacement)
1x charger 220V 1x USB charger
1x instructions
The advantages of electronic cigarette:

1 not containing tar
2 does not contain carbon monoxide
3 does not contain carcinogenic substances
4 It does not hurt your health
5 It does not hurt you and those around you
6 Not yellows your teeth, do not smell your clothes
7 No need for ashtrays and lighters
8 You can smoke where smoking is prohibited
9 is cheaper than regular cigarettes
10 The use as you want and then set aside

Electronic cigarette eGo-T 650mAh

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