Product Warranty

What is DOA (Dead On Arrival)
The saveshop shields your purchases:
Buying from saveshop any kind with episymansi DOA in the description, we provide additional warranty direct replacement in case of DOA (beginning defective product), thus eliminating the waiting time for service products that never worked. The DOA warranty is provided for up to 3 days from date of purchase under the following conditions:
The product must be returned to the customer within three days from the date of receipt, with the full cover package.
The inoperability of the product must be due to a defect of the manufacturer and not to damage caused by misuse of the product, for example, not only from falling, operation outside manufacturer specifications, interior manipulation by unauthorized technicians etc
If there is sufficient stock to replace the product DOA, the savshop will replace the product with another of the same or higher specifications or proceed to refund the original purchase price to the customer