1: Cash. For those who prefer the more traditional method, the products come viacourier (ACS) and you pay the fee at the time of receipt.

2: PayPal. You can pay the most popular and secure way to pay via internet in the world!

3: Deposit in Bank Account

Deposits in the Bank Total value in the following bank account, write the name as your reasoning and the password of your order is sent to you by e-mail.
Upon registration, send us a copy of the deposit with your name and your e-mail, online at, or (tel: 2109353830) and the process is complete.
Ethniki Bank IBAN: GR1201101530000015300245543

Eurobank IBAN:
Alpha Bank IBANr: GR5101403460346002002012966

Piraeus Bank IBAN: GR5901720360005036099038759