About Us

Dear ladies / are,

Our company was founded in 1997 and engaged in importing and selling productsthat operate with respect for the environment, and active in saving electricityenergeias. I our company maintains a retail store with a wide variety of paints, tools, hardware, plumbing, electrical materials and smart products ...
Why we are different;

The saveshop is not just an online platform selling electronic cigarette and related consumable products like the rest, but undertakes to fulfill a deeper and more meaningful goal, which is interwoven with the quick service and the complete satisfaction of our customers covering every need and questions arising! When referring to the fast and best service we mean simply that respecting the wishes of clients we provide:

Fast and safe shipment of our products throughout Greece, so that orders can arrive directly to the customer without delay and in perfect condition!

We have the ability and experience through thousands of electronic cigarettes and supplies on the market, select and try the most advanced and highest quality of them and finally to offer a compelling low prices to our customers, thus achieving the optimum combination of high quality and low price!

We offer different gifts according to your order, because everyone loves the surprises! Moreover the offers we provide to our customers, enable you to get your favorite products at even lower price!

Our skilled and experienced staff is available to assist you and solve any questions about electronic cigarettes and related products or you are new steamer or more experienced, to further improve your experience on steaming!

Our main concern to build a "relationship" of trust with our customers, with respect to the wishes and needs! Contact us! Trust us! We will not disappoint you! We will answer all your questions in addition to a "Why not choose us sooner!"